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Burn Injuries

Burns cause serious injury or even death and if another party is negligent you may have a claim for damages. There are multiple types of bums including, chemical, electrical and scalding and can range from moderate to minor or first degree to fourth degree.

First Degree:
First degree burns affect the epidermis layer of the skin and involve redness with a dry texture. First degree bums take approximately a week or less to heal.

Second Degree:
Second degree burns extend to the superficial dermis and possibly into the deep (reticular) dermis. They can appear as redness with clear blisters or red and white areas with bloody blisters. Second degree burns may require 2-3 weeks of healing and in some cases second degree burns can progress into third degree burns.

Third Degree:
Third degree burns extend through the entire dermis through the skin. They appear with a dry texture and are stiff and usually white and brown in color.

Fourth Degree:
Fourth degree burns extend to the subcutaneous tissue and into underlying muscle and bone and appears black and scabbing and is a dry texture. Fourth degree burn can sometimes require amputation, cause gangrene and sometimes may cause death.

With third and fourth degree burns there is scarring left behind even after healing and requires the surgical removal of the damaged skin and in some cases may require skin-grafting. Chemical and other burns can be the most devastating injuries of all. Oftentimes, victims are unable to resume gainful employment and life as they knew it. This hardship affects the entire family. An experienced attorney is a must for burn injury cases.

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