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Bicyclist/Pedestrian Claims

As Minnesotans, we like to take advantage of the few months we have with warm, sunny weather to get outside and be active. This typically means enjoying bicycle rides, and/or walking or running outside – especially when there are so many trails in Burnsville, Eagan, and Farmington! However, this also means potentially being on or […]

Wrongful Death Claims

After losing a loved one, we are faced with overwhelming emotions, innumerable decisions, countless questions – all creating one of the most distressing times we might have to endure. This often creates a time of uncertainty, especially when the cause of death was at the hands of someone else’s actions. Wrongful death claims can be […]

No-Fault Arbitration

Minnesota is a No-Fault State for auto accidents, which affords nearly all drivers and passengers medical and wage loss benefits from car insurance. BUT, did you know your auto insurance can decide to stop paying these benefits to which you are entitled!? Then what? A great reason to retain legal representation after an auto accident [...]

Dog Bites and/or Attacks

Dogs have been defined as (wo)man’s best friend; however, you can find countless descriptions of our best friends acting on their animal instincts. Minnesota is a “strict liability” state concerning dog bites. If the dog bite victim does not “provoke” or “antagonize” the dog, owners are held strictly liable for the victim’s damages (medical expenses, [...]

Is Minnesota a “No-Fault” state?

There are many hazards on the road in MN that are not other drivers – snow, snow drifts, ice, black ice, deer, moose, the list goes on! This is important because not only could these hazards cause another driver to collide with you, but these hazards themselves can cause a collision without any other vehicles [...]

An auto accident puts several things on top of your “To do” list

First, check for injured parties and call for medical attention if needed. Do not leave the scene as you could be charged as a “hit and run” driver. Do not apologize or admit fault as you may be taking legal liability for what happened. Call the police if any injuries or significant property damage have [...]

Yes. Insurance companies can require an Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Insurance companies will often request an Independent Medical Examination or IME for an injured party. Even though the injured person may be receiving treatment from his or her own doctor, the law allows for an IME by a physician of the insurance company’s choice. The main thing to keep in mind is that the exam [...]

Thinking clearly when it comes to brain injuries

It’s no laughing matter when you or a loved one has a brain injury. The brain is the most complicated, and yet important part of the body, and blunt force injuries to the head can have multiple impacts on your ability to function. When an injury to this area is caused by someone else, oftentimes [...]

Minn. Association for Justice

Burnsville attorney W. Paul Otten reaches 10 years of service on Board of Governors of Minnesota Association for Justice.


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