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An auto accident puts several things on the top of your “To do” list

An auto accident puts several things on the top of your “To do” list

First, check for injured parties and call for medical attention if needed. Do not leave the scene as you could be charged as a “hit and run” driver. Do not apologize or admit fault as you may be taking legal liability for what happened.

Call the police if any injuries or significant property damage have occurred. Exchange information with other drivers and be sure to ask police to file a report. Gather the names and badge numbers of the officers who respond. Also, speak with witnesses and ask for their contact information. Take pictures of any vehicle damage and your injuries. Contact your insurance company and clearly explain the facts as you understand them. Do not talk to the insurance companies of other parties without first consulting with an attorney.

Do not post any information about the collision on social media sites. These can be admitted as evidence later and are considered public statements. You might unintentionally communicate something that could hurt your case. Really, as a general rule, always use caution when discussing the incident. Your lawyer, your insurance company and the police are the primary parties you can speak with.

There are other things to be concerned about, such as getting treatment for your injuries and vehicle damage estimates. Please explore the Otten Law site to learn more.

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